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And the role of the board is…

Some boards are moving through uncharted territory and are aware that a misstep could be disastrous. Some organizations’ progress is held hostage by difficult dynamics between the board and CEO or certain board members. Some board directors get involved in operations and muddy the waters of accountability.

What is the role of the board in these situations?

Whether it’s to emerge from conflict or simply work on areas that need growth, OrgHealth approaches governance in a way that creates clarity and sets organizational health at the forefront.

Learn how to implement concepts like:
The Governance Excellence Model (GEM),
The Secret Formula for Organizational Effectiveness,
and Noses In, Fingers Out

Getting the foundation

Usually, the current challenges stem from cracks in the foundation. The Imperfect Board Member by Jim Brown has been a best-selling governance fable since its release in 2006, and introduces foundational concepts that boards across North America have embraced as essential training.

Our consultants springboard from the book but customize the focus of the session to your board with relevant actions steps for exactly where you're at. This is not just work for “board member beginners”—as every world-class athlete knows, becoming incredible at the “basic” moves is the finesse that makes the difference between good and great.

Grow further in governance.

It’s impossible for an organization to grow much further than its board. That’s why we are so passionate about helping you break through obstacles and norms that are keeping your board from being its best.

Whether through a multi-day in-person session or multiple video-chat sessions, we dive in and start with whatever your board needs first. Our seasoned consultants will guide you. Some topics include:

Governance workshops

Strategic planning

Conflict management

Assessing board performance

Developing policies

Board responsibilities and structure

Chair coaching

Hiring or de-hiring the CEO

Board composition and succession

Tackling target issues

What's holding your board back?
Let's talk about a way forward.

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