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Organizational health is critical for success and available for all leaders if they’re willing to lean in, unpack, and implement.

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Three Powerful Steps


Achieve Shared Clarity

What do you need to see happen in your executive or board team? We deftly pinpoint the areas that will make the greatest change, and help your whole team catch the vision.


Master Implementation

This is where it falls apart for most leaders. But it doesn’t have to. With consistent touch-points, practical tasks, and access to immediate assistance, we’ll help you cement new patterns and begin to cascade change down through your organization.


Measure the Results

Through progress tracking, we make the invisible visible. You’ll be able to clearly identify the impact organizational health has on your leadership team and company, which will delight your board and invigorate your workforce.

Measure the Results

Let our team help your team overcome barriers and become uncommonly effective with our coaching and consulting.

Here’s What We Do

What Our Clients Say


Steven Light
Executive Vice President,
LeaderOne Financial Corporation

“OrgHealth’s strength is in breaking down the silos that often exist unintentionally. This has made a tremendous difference in our team’s cohesion, effectiveness and simply in time saved in the decision-making process at both strategic and tactical levels.”


Allison Alley
President & CEO,
Compassion Canada

“My OrgHealth coach has an exceptional understanding of how to build healthy and high performance leadership teams, and has made a considerable impact on my own leadership and that of our Executive Leadership Team. I would highly recommend Margot to any leader who is looking to realize sustained growth for themselves and their team.”


Simply put: Leaders who are ready to engage and change. We work at the board and executive level with medium-to-large companies who are after meaningful and tangible results.

A northern Canada mining operation united its leadership team and fostered a culture of greater connection and communication that then was intentionally cascaded throughout the staff with incredible results.

The Canadian production facility was facing closure due to consistently being the highest-cost producer in global operations. Working with their leadership team, they became the lowest-cost producer within one year.

Working with both the board and the executive team, we helped this mortgage company establish new norms in their communication and collaboration.

The executive team of this technology company leaned on our consulting and coaching services and was able to reduce the organizational silos that happen divisionally and geographically in so many companies.

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Achieve shared clarity. Master implementation. Measure the results.