The OrgHealth Ascent ModelTM

The OrgHealth Ascent Model uses simple but powerful language to rally your team and accelerate your ascent to organizational health by identifying its four elements.



Collaborative Culture

Collaborative Culture often seems backwards to most leaders. But this is the centerpiece, the bedrock for all organizational health. In our focused pursuit of company success, we need to check back in with our values and with the people on our teams, and ensure that as we move forward we are proceeding as a unit, building trust, and feeding the fire that will be needed for longevity.

Collaborative Culture is about…

Psychological safety  |  Collective wins  |  Lived values

Leadership Accountability

Leadership Accountability is at the base of the OrgHealth Ascent Model as a reminder that everything rises and falls on the senior leadership team. They are not only responsible to model personal ownership but are also responsible for the impact their behavior has on the rest of the company. Ensuring everyone understands the roadmap and what their role is in it requires excellent communication, attuned listening, and consistent responsiveness.

Leadership Accountability is about…

Personal ownership  |  Behavioural impact  |  Role clarity

Strategic Momentum

Strategic Momentum is the engine pushing organizational health forward towards a future of sustainable success. A healthy organization develops momentum by setting and reaching its goals together, without becoming stuck or rigid in their way of doing things. Intentional shifts are made as needed to create and maintain synergy between departments, for individual workflows, and toward clear goals.

Strategic Momentum is about…

Clear strategy  |  Proactive adaptability  |  Sustainable profitability

Talent Magnetism

Talent Magnetism is the tip of the OrgHealth Ascent Model, because when Collaborative Culture, Leadership Accountability, and Strategic Momentum are all strong, typically Talent Magnetism will emerge somewhat un-intentionally. Like a beacon, a healthy organization’s culture and growth and trajectory should be so intentional and attractive that it draws in high performers. Establishing processes internally to ensure that the company hires those who embody company values will be key for long-term success. In a healthy organization, high performers will not only be excited to join the company but will remain so satisfied with their experience over the years that they turn down opportunities to work elsewhere.

Talent Magnetism is about…

Best-fit attraction  |  High engagement  |  Meaningful rewards

What makes up organizational health?

Neither vagueness nor complexity are helpful for organizational health. The OrgHealth Ascent Model strikes the balance senior leadership teams need, both simplifying and clearly defining the four core elements of a thriving organization.


Psychological safety

Collective wins

Lived values


Personal ownership

Behavioral impact

Role clarity


Clear strategy

Proactive adaptability

Sustainable profitability


Best-fit attraction

High engagement

Meaningful rewards

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