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In leadership and in life, implementation is everything.

Organizational health is easy to understand, but difficult to achieve alone.

Our premium consulting and coaching is for companies and leaders who want to see visible, lasting change. Our coaches and consultants bring hard-won experience, learned and lived, to executive teams and boards to accelerate their progress towards organizational health. We love this stuff, because it makes people come alive at work, and it does the same for us.

While our headquarters is just a short drive from Toronto, Canada, our team stretches across Canada and works extensively in the United States.

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Our team — ready to help yours.

Margot Thompson from OrgHealth

Margot Thompson

Partner & Principal Coach

Sarah Brown from OrgHealth

Sarah Brown

Partner & Creative Director

Jim Brown from OrgHealth

Jim Brown

Partner & Principal Consultant

Mary Lynn McPherson

Senior Consultant

Kyle Neilson


OrgHealth springs from the deep roots of STRIVE!, a governance and leadership consultancy founded in Ontario, Canada, in 1995. OrgHealth carries this work forward to companies across North America.


Born from 25 years
of experience

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How We Work

A customized road map, every time.

Every connection begins with a focussed conversation to uncover the heart of your goals and needs. We provide engagement options including a combination of session types, from full-team to one-on-ones. Each custom plan drives towards implementation.