The GEM Assessment for BoardsTM

Evaluate your board based on the Seven Disciplines of Governance Excellence.
Explore and have your board do the assessment for free—you only pay to generate the full final report!

What Is the GEM Assessment?

The GEM Assessment is a board evaluation tool based on the Governance Excellence Model, as outlined in the governance best-seller, The Imperfect Board Member. Honing in on the role of the board—the Seven Disciplines, this evaluation is built to help boards rise above their own norms, confront areas that need improvement, and achieve greater governance excellence.


Where are you excelling and where do you need to focus attention? What are the concerns no one wants to raise? This secure web-based tool allows board members to anonymously give feedback and promote discussion about the real-deal topics.


With only 40 questions in the survey, it takes an average of 15 minutes for board members to provide their responses. Once responses are in, the 20+page report can be generated immediately. The debriefing exercise that follows will produce action steps, and many helpful tips for improvement are included in the full report.


Not only are suggested actions included in the final report, but a comparison report becomes available once your board has done two assessments. This makes it easier for boards to identify progress and patterns from year to year—because we’re in it for the long haul.

Explore the whole tool for free! You’ll only pay for the final report ($500).



H. Sherrard

Board Secretary,
Canadian Health Food Association

“What a great tool, it provided a high quality report that prompted good discussion around the board table.  Done annually it would provide an opportunity to track progress.  Great value for the price!"

Executive Director

A Community Health Centre

“Our board members found the GEM Assessment to be a practical, bite-sized and manageable means of evaluating the board. They were able to mine the resulting report and agree on actionable ways to improve board effectiveness. It was good value compared to other board development activities that are more costly, time consuming and don’t yield tangible results.”

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