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Our Custom Services

Organizational Health Consulting

Whether engaging conflict, integrating new team members, planning for the future, or navigating a crisis, our expert insights guide you through challenges countless organizations face.

Executive Coaching

The only changes that count are the ones that actually work. Our refined coaching process is geared towards measurable, visible, tangible results. (And yes, we coach board members too.)

Governance Consulting

True organizational health includes the board of directors. After 30+ years of work supporting boards of all kinds, we see a future where imperfect boards become profoundly impactful.

Executive Team Building

Develop true clarity and cohesion through a two-day offsite or online team event. Pair this with our consulting experience to get that all-important implementation.

Be honest: what does your team need? What do YOU need? Every custom service we offer is meant to answer those questions, with real results.

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How we do it

We recognize patterns.

We treat clients like real people.

We anticipate long-term, meaningful, rewarding relationships.

Often clients come to us knowing what they want, but frustrated that their efforts are not getting them there. Usually it takes a couple conversations before we get enough context about what they are facing to recommend where to begin, but often it's a combination of in-person or online group sessions, one-on-one coaching calls, and some benchmarking through various measurement tools.

But everything starts with a conversation—we don't work with faceless companies, we work with people.

What Our Clients Say


Steven Light
Executive Vice President,
LeaderOne Financial Corporation

“OrgHealth’s strength is in breaking down the silos that often exist unintentionally. This has made a tremendous difference in our team’s cohesion, effectiveness and simply in time saved in the decision-making process at both strategic and tactical levels.”


Allison Alley
President & CEO,
Compassion Canada

“My OrgHealth coach has an exceptional understanding of how to build healthy and high performance leadership teams, and has made a considerable impact on my own leadership and that of our Executive Leadership Team. I would highly recommend Margot to any leader who is looking to realize sustained growth for themselves and their team.”

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