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Through conflict, new team members, planning,  or crisis,  we provide expert outside insight to guide you through challenges we have seen countless organizations face.

The bottom line in leadership development is that the only changes that count are the ones that key stakeholders can perceive. Our coaching process is geared towards measurable, visible results.

Get a jumpstart on clarity and cohesion through a two-day offsite or online team event. We usually recommend this in concert with coaching and/or consulting, because implementation is everything!

The CEO-Board relationship can be incredibly difficult. We have 30+ years of experience guiding leaders towards trust, clear communication, and healthy accountability.

What does your leadership team need? What are your frustrations and goals? We put together custom solutions for every client's needs.

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Our approach

We trust the patterns we see from work that spans industries, age, and time.

We treat our clients like humans—we break away from past data and pay close attention in the present.

We aim to build working relationships that are meaningful, rewarding, and long-term.

“My OrgHealth coach has an exceptional understanding of how to build healthy and high performance leadership teams, and has made a considerable impact on my own leadership and that of our Executive Leadership Team. I would highly recommend Margot to any leader who is looking to realize sustained growth for themselves and their team.”

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Allison Alley

President & CEO, Compassion Canada

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