The OrgHealth Ascent AssessmentTM

Uncover, identify, and take action on your company's greatest organizational health needs.
The individual edition is free forever!

Make the invisible visible.

The most resilient, thriving organizations and teams know organizational health matters.

They understand that trust, clarity, and culture aren’t wispy terms – they are real priorities that prove to be worth the investment.

Our Assessment takes these big topics and makes them tangible, actionable, and tailored to you.

Get familiar with the model

Results matter.

The OrgHealth Ascent Assessment gathers and interprets data to provide practical solutions. We’ll arm you with insights that make the right changes real.

One assessment, two versions.

For Individuals
The OrgHealth Ascent Assessment for IndividualsTM asks you to reflect on your current leadership team and provide ratings based on your own observations.
There are only 12 questions (10 minutes or less needed!).
You will receive results identifying your team's strongest and weakest areas of organizational health.
We will provide specific suggested actions to take to begin to improve your most compromised area of organizational health (on a web page, no PDF).
This assessment can be taken completely anonymously or can opt in for more in-depth next steps with your data kept secure.
Free forever.
For Teams
The OrgHealth Ascent Assessment for IndividualsTM involves multiple respondents, asking each leadership team member to provide their own ratings privately, after which a report can be generated.
There are 28 questions (20 minutes or less needed).
Each team member's responses remain anonymous to other team members.
All team members’ responses are compiled with differences and similarities impacting the outcome so the entire team benefits from all perspectives.
Your team will receive a 20+ page PDF report with in-depth results and overall metrics on each of the four areas of organizational health.
The final report will include specific suggested actions for your team to take regarding each area of organizational health—whether to sustain a high level or to raise an area that is currently compromised.
We will provide a brief guide for facilitating your team's discussion of the report, as well as a discounted opportunity to have one of our consultants facilitate your online debrief.
Your data privacy is maintained at the highest level.

Pricing and access coming soon.

The OrgHealth Ascent Assessment for Teams will be available in 2024. If you want to be notified on release, sign up below.

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