Margot Thompson

Margot Thompson

Partner & Head of Consulting

Margot’s coaching is a magical mix of genuine care and remarkable practicality. I have a whole new understanding of myself as a professional and of my ability to manage situations to work well with my valued colleagues. In a single word: she has given me Hope.

Shelly Hill
Executive Vice President

Margot’s strength is in breaking down the silos that often exist unintentionally, as if by default, by helping to open up honest and open lines of communication between executives. This has made a tremendous difference in our team’s cohesion, effectiveness and simply in time saved in the decision-making process at both strategic and tactical levels.

Steven Light
Chief Production Officer

Dig deeper. Ask questions. Embrace change. Know your value. Achieve sustainable, measurable, improvements. Cognitively understanding organizational health, and even leadership in general, is pretty straightforward. Putting the pieces together in real life, on the other hand, is a monumental challenge. But this is where Margot Thompson has an uncanny ability to blend genuine care, curiosity, and compassion with practical and career-changing guidance and support.

Margot is a Leadership Team Behaviour Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, MBTI Certified Master in Leadership Optimization, entrepreneur, advocate, and ally. But what she does always comes down to people. An expert in team dynamics, personal interaction, and effective communication, Margot hones in on the value clients bring to their organizations and delves into strategies to empower them to achieve even greater results. She doesn't give “answers”: she helps clients—and the consultants and coaches she oversees—unearth their own through feedback, reflection, thoughtful changes in behaviour, and strategic utilization of their unique strengths.

Implementation is everything. A thinker of uncommon depth, Margot makes it her mission to learn, research, read, and devour everything she can to better understand the “why” underneath the surface and help others put innovative solutions into action. She is a passionate voice that empowers her clients and team to speak impactfully for themselves.


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